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Cherokee County


The rabbit project will help you learn how to raise and care for your rabbits. It is suggested that you start with a doe and extend the project each year. It is best to enroll in the fall to prepare for receiving your first rabbit.

Project Leader 

Charla King
(620) 429-0393

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

Ages 7-9

  • Identify main breeds of rabbits
  • Identify the parts of a rabbit
  • Describe good feeding and watering practices
  • Learn to groom and show a rabbit

Ages 10-13

  • Gain skills to manage and care for rabbits
  • Learn to care for newborn rabbits (kits)
  • Judge best rabbits for show

Ages 14 and Older

  • Learn breeding, genetics, culling and determining pregnancy
  • Anatomy of rabbits
  • Learn best marketing practices

Kansas Rabbit Breeds and Varieties

Kansas 4-H Youth Development recognizes the authorized rabbit breeds and varieties of the American Rabbit Breeders Association for show purposes. The Kansas Rabbit Breeders Association is a strong supporter and partner in this high quality project. The following list is officially recognized by the ARBA and may be showed, if animals qualify, at this year's State 4-H Rabbit Show at the Kansas State Fair. The State 4-H Rabbit Show is not an official ARBA show; however, includes opportunities to exhibit for conformation, fur, rabbit showmanship and rabbit judging. 

Project Materials

Reasonably priced materials are available for every project in Kansas 4-H. You can order the materials for your project online or contact your local Extension Office.

Rabbits (RA100)

General Rabbit Resources

Project Leader Resources

Additional Resources - Veterinary Science

Awards and Recognition

County Level
Award: Medal presented at you 4-H Achievement Banquet
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund

State Level
Award: Medallion
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship
Donor: Kansas 4-H Foundation Patron Sponsor Fund