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You can find all the forms/KAP's/Personal Page/Permanent Record/Cloverbud form/etc. at this link...http://www.kansas4h.org/p.aspx?tabid=506

4-H Development Fund Grant Application

4H online - Enrollment and changes must be made by May 1 each year.

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June 1st @ 6:00Cloverbuds Meeting
June 1st @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Angie's
June 1st @ 6:30Dog Practice
June 3rd @ 8:30Invitational Dog Show
June 4th @ 5:00Shamrock Meeting
June 4th @ 1:00Archery Practice @ Shank's
June 5th @ 7:00SVS Meeting @ Clubhouse
June 6th-7thGreenbush Adventure Camp
June 6th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Arena
June 7th-8thGreenbush Adventure Camp
June 8th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Angie's
June 8th @ 6:30Dog Practice
June 10th @ 10:00Shotgun Practice @ Shawnee
June 11th @ 5:30Lone Elm beaver @ Major's Home
June 11th @ 10:30-2:00Pat Smith Benefit Dinner
June 11th @ 1:00Archery Practice @ Shank's
June 12th @ 6:30Dog Practice
June 13th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Arena
June 15th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Angie's
June 15th @ 6:00Style Revue Meeting @ 4-H Building
June 17th @ 10:00Shotgun Practice @ Shawnee
June 19th @ 6:30Dog Practice
June 20th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Arena
June 22nd @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Angie's
June 24th-27thSunny Hills Rock Springs Camp
June 26th @ 6:30Dog Practice
June 27th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Arena
June 29th @ 6:00Horse Practice @ Angie's
June 30th @ 9:00Camping Spaces go on sale