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Cherokee County

Clothing & Textiles/ Style Review

This project will introduce you to a whole new world of options with outfits, clothing and accessories. The clothing construction phase will teach you the basics like sewing a shirt of putting a zipper in a pair of pants. The advanced units will teach you how to take the design of your choice and customize it for the perfect look, color and fit. Buymanship will give you that edge on knowing your wardrobe, planning a budget for an outfit, choosing between different shades of colors and analyzing clothing advertisements. Members may participate in the Fashion Revue to model either their clothing construction or buymanship items.

Project Leaders

Sewing Leader
Lisa Hartzfeld (913) 481-7038


Sewing Leader
Jodi Helwig (620) 762-2152


Buymanship/Style Review Leader
Haley Pritchard 620-762-3630

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

Clothing Construction
Age 7-10

  • Learn how to select colors and styles
  • Sew or serge an article

Age 11-13

  • Sew on knits or wovens
  • Make a garmet from a pattern

Age 14 and Older

  • Try out new patterns and fabrics
  • Update an old garment
  • Sew polar fleece
  • Investigate careers in the textile industry

Age 7-10

  • Plan a wardrobe, determine a clothing budget and shop for clothing
  • Learn how to select colors and styles

Age 11-13

  • Record body measurements and determine appropriate clothing sizes
  • Conduct a clothing inventory
  • Learn differences between warm and cool colors

Age 14 and Older

  • Identify wardrobe according to body shape, proportion and balance
  • Make decisions about clothing purchases by comparing fiber, care requirements, cost, brand and style
  • Analyze clothing advertisements

Project Materials

Reasonably priced materials are available for every project in Kansas 4-H. You can order the materials for your project online or contact your local Extension Office.

Clothing Construction, Beginning (CT100)
Clothing Buymanship, Beginning (CT101)

Clothing Construction, Intermediate (CT200)
Clothing Buymanship, Intermediate (CT201)

Clothing Construction, Advanced (CT300)
Clothing Buymanship, Advanced (CT301)

Clothing Construction, Senior Advanced (CT400)
Clothing Buymanship, Senior Advanced (CT401)

General Clothing & Textiles Resources

Project Leader Resources

Events and Activities

State 4-H Fashion Revue, Kansas State Fair
When: 2nd Saturday of Kansas State Fair
Where: Hutchinson, KS
Donor: Kansas State Fair
Award: Special awards, rosettes

Awards and Recognition

County Level
Award: Medal presented at your 4-H Achievement Banquet
Donor: Debra Gordon

State Level
Award: Medallion
Donor: Debra Gordon

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship
Donor: Debra Gordon

Career Connections

Project Meetings

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