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Cherokee County


Did you find a rock at the park and don't know what kind it is? What about fossils? If you would like to learn more about rocks, minerals and fossils, then dive into the geology project! Discover the types of minerals, rocks and fossils that can be found where you live. Learn about geological formations across the state and in other states.


Things to Learn/Do in the Project

Ages 7-8

  • Learn how the earth was formed and its three main parts
  • Learn the difference between a rock and a fossil
  • Collect, clean, identify and label rocks, minerals and fossils found in Kansas
  • Learn the types and impacts of erosion

Ages 9-11

  • Use different tests to identify minerals by hardness and color
  • Find out what rock types occur in Kansas
  • Learn how to identify fossils
  • Learn to display and evaluate geology exhibits

Ages 12-14

  • Learn how mountains are formed
  • Discover the impact of glaciers
  • Learn to measure specific gravity
  • Read and use a topographic map

Ages 15 and Older

  • Measure formation thickness
  • Test to determine chemical properties of minerals
  • Locate sites on a plat map
  • How to prepare for geology careers

Project Materials

Reasonably priced materials are available for every project in Kansas 4-H. You can order the materials for your project online or contact your local Extension Office.

Geology (GE100)

General Geology Resources

Project Leader Resources


Awards and Recognition

County Level
Award: Medal presented at your 4-H Achievement Banquet
Donor: Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association

State Level
Award: Medallion
Donor: Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship
Donor: Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association

Career Connections