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Animal Products

Every year approximately $100 billion of animal products are sold at the farm gate, and Americans spend several times that amount for these products at retail. Products from animals include meat and meat products, poultry products (meat and eggs), fish, shellfish, dairy products (milk and cheese), and non-food products such as fiber (wool, mohair, cashmere, and leather). The quality and safety of animal products before harvest are influenced by genetics, nutrition, and management systems, whereas after harvest they are affected by handling, processing, storage, and marketing practices.

If you are buying from a local producer, learn about what to expect with this publication

Topics include:


Beef Products

meat case

Dairy Foods


Pork Products


Lamb Products


Turkey, Chicken, and Eggs


Avian Influenza


Wild Game and Birds


How to Field Dress a Deer - Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism




Meat Jerky


Alternative Protein Sources

This fact sheet is intended to provide some information about novel protein sources to help inform consumers about these products.

MF3476 - January 2020